Stickfighting at the 2011 International Wushu Championships in Hongkong

Written by Shaimon Harrison

Once again Grand Master Vince Palumbo, Master Kevin Seskis and Guro John Moore who come from the city of Adelaide in South Australia, were invited to give some very exciting demonstrations of the Filipino sport stickfighting exhibition matches at the so very prestigious 2011 International Chinese Wushu World Championships held at the Ma On Shan Stadium in Hong Kong from the 11th to 15th of March 2011.

These fine martial artists are from International Combative Martial Arts Academy which is located at 96a Grange road Welland, South Australia 5007.

They were invited back to Hong Kong again this year because the Chinese crowd at the last year's event enjoyed their displays so much, that all the Wushu Games committee members decided to invite guys back again this year to do more stickfighting demonstrations.

The three practitioners are members of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World Federation which has its Headquarters based in Cebu City of the Philippines, and they are also students of the legendary instructor, the 92 year old Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete 12th Dan.

The Australians gave some excellent performances in front of a capacity Chinese crowd at the Ma On Shan Sports Stadium, and also at the Sha Tin Town Hall in front of some of the Hong Kong's elite socialites from the business community over there.

Both Grand Master Vince Palumbo (20 times World Champion Stickfighter), and student John Moore (6 times World Champion Stickfighter), gave wonderful demonstrations of the Filipino Full Contact Stickfighting, and it was Master Kevin Seskis who acted as a referee for these demonstrational Stickfighting matches.

Grand Master Vince Palumbo also brought a team of five first time San-Da Kickboxers to this International event, and he was very proud when each of them managed to get a place medal in their divisions, so now the team is really looking forward to next year's event so that they can try again for that very elusive Gold Medal Champion Title.

For the stickfighting matches, GM Vince Palumbo and Guro John Moore did 2 rounds of fighting in the protective stickfighting armour, and then they did one round of the "Kulata" type sparring, this is done with minimal body protection, so the crowd was amazed to see that these two practitioners were using live rattan canes for all the demonstrations.

The Chinese crowd gave them both great applause when they saw these World Champions doing the Filipino Stickfighting at lightning speed and utmost accuracy while sparring.

After the demonstrations, the crowd gave them both a standing ovation, especially when they saw them do the "Kulata" sparring with minimal armour and very limited protection, because it was very obvious that this stickfighting was painful, especially when the crowd saw all the welts and bruises coming up on the bodies of GM Vince and Guro John.

There were also teams from China, Malaysia, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Russia, India, Italy, Czech Republic, and it certainly did not take them very long to work out that this type of sport Filipino Stickfighting was definitely the "Real Deal!".

It was so great to get such a massive and energetic response from the Chinese crowd there at the championships, and it was obvious that they enjoyed the Filipino Sport Stickfighting.

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