Why Boxing for Self Defence?

Written by Grand Master Vince Palumbo

Boxing is an exciting sport where two superb athletes square off in a boxing ring and battle to the limits of human endurance, with a great deal of conditioning, fitness, skill and lots of techniques.

But while boxing is a brutal competitive sport, it is truly an effective method of self defence.

Boxers are some of the toughest athletes in the world, and with this type of trained toughness, it helps them to be prepared for chaotic violence if they were ever to find themselves in a street fight.

When it comes to real self defence, the only thing that should be expected is the worst, and boxing as a method of fighting, is definitely a system that is up to the challenge.

(All fighters need boxing!)

Boxing teaches a person how to throw punches in combinations to vital areas of the body, and the training is specific for preparation of a person to endure tha harshness of a real fight in the ring, so this is what makes boxers very tough.

Close combat expert Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete was a boxer in his teenage years, and he practiced this form of fighting because he recognised that it was a formidable part of a fighter's arsenal, combined along with karate kicks, judo throws, jujitsu locks and strangles, and basic stick fighting combined knife defence techniques included, because these are the tools for real combat.

Before joining the army, Cacoy Canete was an active amateur boxer who even sparred with heavy weights, but when it came to the military combative techniques, Canete used boxing training as a fine method of conditioning for his body, and he also used the boxing footwork when teaching the basic fundamental footwork of bolo, bayonet & stick fighting applications for the battle field.

When SGM Cacoy Canete taught new recruits hand-to-hand combat, he told them to use the skills that they had learned from boxing, and to add those skills to other elements of self defence such as karate, jujitsu, stick and knife fighting, so that they could be used in practical self defence.

SGM Cacoy Canete loved the sport of boxing, and so he taught the troops a deadly mix of Boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Stick and Knife fighting for self defence on the battle field.

He knew boxing training takes an incredible amount of discipline, endurance, and dedication!

A real fight is a fierce battle for your life, and nobody will stop the fight if you're hurt, so the training and conditioning that you get from boxing will enhance your ability to fight with your fists, because a real fight is a dirty mess, and you have to use all your aggression, skill and power to survive.

In a real fight you don't know who you're fighting, or what their abilities are, and there are a many other factors to think about as well, but boxing will help you to size up your opponent very quickly.

So please do enjoy your boxing training at the gym, but also try to learn some other basic skills from other combat arts such as Karate, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, Grappling, Stick and Knife Fighting.

And please remember that these combined combat sports, all go hand in hand for the realistic development of applicable self defence skills!

Perhaps heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey said it best when he commented, "You're in there for three-minute rounds with gloves on and a referee, this is the closest thing to a real fight, and it will get you ready, willing and able to defend yourself on the street in a real fight!

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